Putting his money where his mouth is

In today’s installment of On Deadline Snapshots we catch up with with realtor Brian McRobert, the brainchild of Commission for the Cure, a unique cancer fundraising initiative.


Lawyers, reporters and realtors.

These three professions tend to share the same leaky boat without life preservers in most of the public’s eye. Easy to dismiss any of them as self-serving, vulture-like professions then you meet realtor Brian McRobert and his Commission for the Cure campaign and your opinion changes.

Commission for the Cure is a one-year campaign designed to generate a $1,000 donation to Oshawa’s Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre via every home realtor Brian McRobet sells. Sure, realtors do make some good coin on any sale but $1,000 is a good chunk of change to donate, especially during a recession.

“I am in a position now where I can help and Hearth Place is an important part of the Durham community,” says McRobert of McRobert Homes. “They have a passion for helping people and after seeing how they help, it was clear people really care and depend on it.”

A McRobert client, using one of his campaign gift cards for his services to buy and/or sell their property, will see $500 from the sale and $500 from McRobert’s earned commission to create the $1,000 Hearth Place donation. A charitable tax receipt is also issued.

Hearth Place provides community support for patients and their families dealing with cancer through peer support, information, a resource centre, wellness programs and an ongoing lecture and discussion series. Among Hearth Place’s 2009 program initiatives are ways of incorporating music therapy, community outreach and a healing garden. Some of  the centre’s programs cost between $1,200 to $2,500 to run for a year.

Essentially, anyone buying a house through the campaign helps make one of those crucial programs happen- that is impressive.

McRobert says the drive to create Commission for the Cure is genuine. His grandmother, Doris Hendry, is a breast cancer survivor and through his mother and sister mammogram experiences, he learned a lot about the disease.

“Then growing up I had friends diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer as well, so I wanted to do something that will help,” he adds.

To find out more about Commission for the Cure and Hearth Place, visit http://www.commissionforthecure.com and http://www.hearthplace.org .

One thought on “Putting his money where his mouth is

  1. Juile B

    I am very impressed with this, its about time someone in the real estate business stepped up and started putting their money where their mouth is. We all know they make a lot of money, and I understand how much work and marketing they have to put in to sell a property…. but this kind of campaign really shows that their are professionals out there that want to give back.

    I am selling my property(s) next this fall and buying more that will provide a better return on investment… one this is for sure, this McRobert person, is getting my business.

    Julie B

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