Protesting Tamils, Filipino caregivers and the working Joe

All media is a frenzy. Gone is the swine flu – remember that? The recession- what do you mean?- I just bought a low fat latte from Starbucks. Now we have protesting Tamils, angry Filipino caregivers and the general working Joe getting ticked off.

Tamil supporters in Toronto are at it again, protesting and blocking traffic and bringing attention to their cause- which is a just cause. However, blocking University Avenue traffic is one thing, going up on a DVP overpass, endangering the lives of young ones among them is just plain stupid.

This is a democracy, so, yes, you are allowed to protest but it does get to the point that the general public does not give a flying hockey puck what you are protesting for. When you start to disrupt the daily lives of hard working people, who are likely sympathetic to your plight, continuously, you are losing momentum. Also, quite frankly, what else can Canada do on the world stage? It is not like we are taken very seriously. It has been discussed on Parliament Hill but what else can Canada do than say, tsk, tsk, stop being bad over there.

The Ruby Dhalla Affair. Three caregivers once in her family’s care are angry and seeking justice. The morsels of truth in their complaints are slowly being lost as the circus unfolds. Their stories are starting to not make sense and it is a classic “She said – She Said”. If true justice is to be had, put it in front of a court. Dhalla asked for the Ethic Commissioner to intervene and instead we get a government committee which unfurls a Tory witch hunt for the Liberal MP’s head.

Toronto’s working Joes we run into are fed up with Tamil protests, they get it but they also want to get to work and drive on highways unimpeded. The Joes  I know have also turned a skeptical eye to some of the caregiver claims of 16 hour days, six days a week. Exactly how much domestic work can a family have to keep three grown women that busy?

By the way, have you noticed how much easier now it is to drink a latte without the anti-swine flu mask?


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