Remember Tiananmen


Remember Tiananmen.

This week was the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. That event, that struggle for freedom 20 years ago has left us with the above image which beautifully depicts the struggle for democracy some people face.

Students, intellectuals, regular citizens, protesting in a public square, were too much for the communist Chinese government. They had protested for seven weeks, seeking government reform, seeking a new freedom of political will, not just in Beijing but in other centres in China. However, when enough was enough, military muscle was brought in to clear out the protesters and a massacre ensued, claiming up to 3,ooo people (depending whose figures you believe).

Here is a drum I have slammed at before, we have so  good here in North America that it is truly a blessing. Yes, we have poverty, racism,corruption, financial woes and hate but we have never had to fight for our democratic freedom on our own soil. We have never had to wrestle it away from a communist government, from ruthless hands that willingly crush their own to enforce compliance. Think of this lone, non-violent protester in the following video who is also pictured above, do you think you would ever have to show such courage and determination, in your life, in your time?

If you are a student, or were a student back in 1989, as I was, the majority of those killed or wounded in Tiananmen were your global brothers and sisters, your brethren. Think of the resolve, the bravery and faith it took for them to stand and protest for a better life, protest for change and protest for freedom.

Think Tiananmen is just a moment history? The Chinese government this week banned foreign journalists from Tiananmen Square. They ramped security as well. They are haunted by the dark shadow of that day. I also believe, they are haunted by the ray of hope it created as well.


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