Kidnapped Canadian reporter speaks to AFP

Agence France – Presse has made contact with kidnapped Canadian freelance journalist Amanda Lindhout. Dedicated readers of On Deadline know we have written about Amanda’s plight since we learned about it and have tried to follow it as tactfully as possible.

The seemingly forgotten Canadian freelance journalist, who has been held captive in Somalia for the last nine months, says she has been sick for months. She also says in recent the AFP piece that she is sure she will die among her captors if Canada does not save her.

The frustration her family and friends must sense is unfathomable for me to understand at this end of the keyboard.

No matter the the outrage we have seen, from other journalism associations, on Facebook, on YouTube and among a small contingent of bloggers who try and stay on top of Amanda’s circumstances, I do not think we can really understand what her immediate family and friends are feeling from this latest report.

Once again, it is a delicate situation, how much attention should we draw to all this but this latest report begs the question, “How much is our country doing to free our fellow Canadian held hostage?”

Here is a video on YouTube about Amanda:

Here is a petition someone has started you can sign to help add to pressure to help free Amanda and her colleague Nigel Brennan.


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