Mr. Harper, that is 100 per cent BULL!

bullA screen capture of the Harper government’s chest-thumbing website that claims 80 per cent of their economic action plan to tackle the recession has been implemented. 80 per cent you say? That is 100 per cent bull we say.

Pardon any typos or fragments instead of sentences in this blog post. It is tough to type as you pick yourself up off the floor, partly from shock, partly from laughing hysterically at the Tory government’s recent update on their stimulus efforts.

What in the world does 80 per cent implemented mean in the Stephen Harper world of politics? Considering municipalities and a handful of industries have been wondering about when exactly funding for projects will actually flow, the pretty map with shovels on the Tory’s Canadian Economic Action Plan website is just that…pretty with all those shovels in Tory blue circles.

Does re-announcing and recasting funding already committed in the budget or better yet, the cash which is late in flowing from the $33 billion Building Canada Fund, help constitute “80 per cent implemented”?

Between the ridiculous Ignatieff attack ads and the snazzy website, it is clear, the Tory’s are becoming a lot of flash and little substance.

I never supported the opposition party power move earlier this year to remove them but this latest proclamation of progress is a pipe dream and signal that Harper and his Tory’s need to go. Why? Because they are trying to play the rest of us for fools. Money has not flowed. Infrastructure dollars have not resulted in a wealth of shovels hitting the ground.

They are taking us for granted and the fact we bailed out our auto industry to the tune we did is reason enough to give these guys the boot. Media and the public is partly to blame as well in this. Everyone gets up-in- arms, including the opposition, over a minister calling cancer a sexy issue (which it is to a politician and in the realm of politics and that is the cold hard truth) but throwing good public money to a privately created problem hardly got people up-in-arms with the same outrage.

An election during a recession is a tough sell. Put that election in the summer and it even gets worse but the plug needs to get pulled.

However, here is what I fear, most Canadians and people are superficial when it comes to their news, especially in the multimedia age, so the Tory’s strategy might just save their bacon.

A nifty website, funny and attention-getting tv ads might deflect enough attention away from their bull which is 100 per cent implemented.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Harper, that is 100 per cent BULL!

  1. Grant

    Amen, Vince. Never a fan of Stephen Harper, his policies, or that simpering all-is-well smirk he seems to perpetually have on his face, I look forward to yet another election in the hope that a majority of Canadians have finally woken up to the fact that he, his equally impotent party and their unfulfilled promises are doing nothing to help pull this country through the current recession. Should an election soon be called, let’s hope too that Canadians will take the time and effort (???) to actually vote. The last election cost taxpayers $300 million, yet 41% of eligible voters saw fit to waste much of that money – THEIR money – by not even bothering to show up at polling booths on Election Day. An apathetic public deserves an apathetic, do nothing government.

  2. qualitypunk

    Yes the money is going out as quickly as they can but if the plug was pulled it wouldn’t flow at all. Which is it? Would they have called the money back? They would have promised in the election as new spending.

    They also got away with attacking Toronto’s major project to buy new street rail equipment. It didn’t meet their old oil industry subsidy infrastructure program.

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