Toronto now stinks…


The CUPE strike rolls on here in Toronto and all I can think of is how I am disappointed in my hometown, my stomping grounds, my Toronto.

Our city is starting to stink and the sights at the garbage dumping areas makes my heart sink. Hard to believe we end up having to take up parking lots and spaces in parks to take our garbage.

Sad to see a union striking during such dire economic times. Yes, the union is in a legal position to strike but does that really mean they have to? There are thousands of people out of work and suffering due to this recession who would enjoy just a quarter of the benefits of the 24,000 CUPE 416and 79 workers now striking.

IMG_3109Garbage stacked neatly at Ted Reeve Arena drop off.

I am also disappointed in my city that all we seem to focus on is our trash. How about our kids and young children who are dependant on city daycares and summer programming. They truly are the ones being robbed of something, being robbed of their summers and their parents are left in major binds. The thought that hard working parents could be incurring extra debt, whether by working less or finding private daycare, in order to care for their children, is incredibly infuriating and disappointing.

The disappointment I have heads straight to the top municipally, straight to our mayor David Miller. Our city has lost its way under his watch, I have felt it since returning and now after two years of being back I am convinced, new blood and invigorated leadership is needed.

Miller’s recent failed gamble with the federal government to try and secure stimulus funding for “shovel ready” projects was a farce. Here we have the feds willing to give away free money, much needed funds in fact, for infrastructure work and our fearless leader decides to make the city’s lone application be geared to the purchase of 204 new streetcars, to be built in Thunder Bay. Which part of “shovel ready” and infrastructure did our mayor not understand?

Toronto will survive all of this and rest assured, all of us taxpayers will be footing the bill for the overtime it will take to clean up these new dumping areas.

We have not been “Toronto the Good” for some time now and there definitely is something rotting in this city.

The garbage piles are merely symbols of it all.

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