When in Ossington… on July 12

Now that is a breakfast.

After a quiet and brilliantly sunny Sunday morning walk along the tightly packed residential streets in and around Ossington and Dundas, I treated myself to an awesome breakfast at the Sunset Grill on Dundas, near Dufferin.

Go for broke when you’re there and try the Eggs Sunset, especially if you had a long night which ended with a slow fade in the wee hours of the morning. This dish is the Sunset Grill’s specialty and it will not disappoint, your stomach will thank you later.

After having that take a nice walks along the tree-lined streets south of Dundas and wind your way down to Queen Street. Having grown up along such tree-lined streets I’ve always had a healthy appreciation for the feel of them and the neighbourhoods they form.

You’ll find Victorian-inspired old detailing and architecture on some homes slammed up against 1970s cladding on others. You have natural or traditional English gardens as front-yards for a home followed by a neatly manicured lawn or vegetable garden  for another home just down the way.

You’ll find friendly folks along the way, generally, either reading books on their front stoops or just sitting there, watching the traffic and world walk by, Say hello or good morning, don’t be shy, you might be surprised that the big bad city is not that bad actually.

Here are some of the sights I caught via cell phone camera during my walk:


Love the different colours of these Collahie Street homes,  they remind me of the varied colours of some Maritime waterfront homes.


The detailing around this window, though imitated in new homes today, always looks better on old homes like this one.


MacKenzie Cherub in sunlight.


A common residential street scape in the area.

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