Was it worth it?

The staring contest is over and a city held hostage in the garbage is free.

So what exactly did the 24,000 members or CUPE Local 416 and 79 accomplish? What kind of ground did the city gain in the tug-of-war? Once the ratification vote is done we will all get to see what it was worth.

As the CUPE workers get to go back to their jobs, the poor folks out there still struggling to either find jobs or keep them will still be in their struggle, a true struggle for survival.

The idiocy and rhetoric spouted at garbage transfer station will now cease and the public will actually get to reclaim public parks, instead of staring at mounds of garbage.

Further analysis to follow as deal details are unveiled.


One thought on “Was it worth it?

  1. Patrick McConnell

    By all indications, it sounds like the city blinked. According to one City Council member, the negotiating committee had marching order to eleminate the sick day banks or at the very least, limit ongoing funding liability. That has not happened.I hope we can all remember the past 30-odd days and how Mayor Miller got us into this mess, and then continued to help his union backers to end it in thier favour. When you go to municipal ballot box, keep this stink fresh and don’t hold your nose when you vote.

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