I’ll take Canadian health care anyday

Canadian health care is just fine, thank you very much, and the sooner hard core American republicans stop spitting our fine system, the better. This post is not a story, or reporting, it is a rant, a column, so let us begin:

Here’s the newsflash from someone who has lived here his whole life and depended on this system to varying degrees, IT WORKS!

We do not have people dying in the streets because they have been denied care by the government. Actually, our federal government does not even fund health care, that is a provincial jurisdiction and our provincial governments do not get to decide who receives treatment and does not. We have professional health care practitioners who decide who gets what and when.

Yes, the system is not perfect, what system is. There are  backlogs and delays but it is nothing like the ones suffered in America. Here, everyone gets a shot a  health care, does not matter if they are poor or rich and what insurance plan they are on. EVERYONE gets treated.

Are you telling me a system in which you get the treatment you can afford is the best way to go? I am not a huge Michael Moore supporter by any means but some of the footage and stories he secured in Sicko simply would not happen here. Also, just anecdotal stories from friends stateside have left this author shaking his head in the past.

The last time I used our health care system, I walked straight into the emergency room, hand bundled in a bloody towel, finger severed down to the bone, having chopped, sliced and diced every important tendon and nerve in my thumb. Once the ER nurse pulled back my towel, blood spurted all over, i was losing blood at a “scary rate’ she said. I did not have to worry about whether my insurance would cover whatever treatment was needed, the ER team went into action right away, doing what was necessary.

From what I understand, President Obama is not asking people who have private health insurance coverage to go off their coverage. He just wants to ensure universal coverage for those who cannot afford it. I admit, I would I am curious to know how our Canadian system which serves about 33 million would do under the pressure of helping approximately 305 million people. However, just look at Great Britain and France for other strong examples.

Just because one Canadian sold her story slamming our system, and i am sure her circumstances were real for her, it does not mean it is an expose on our system, which works and does not fail, especially for the poorest among us.


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