One clicks helps Fill The Cup

Photo: WFP/ REin Skullerud
Photo: WFP/ Rein Skullerud

Your clicks counted before and they can count again.

Fill The Cup is the latest cause On Deadline has chosen to fundraise for after its successful assistance with raising online crisis support for To Write Love On Her Arms.

This blog’s readers are to be commended, you helped TWLOHA reach its goals. Powerbar returns to our blog again as our sponsor to help raise funds for the Word Food Program (WFP) initiative called Fill The Cup.

WFP reports that it takes just 25 US cents to fill one of the “red cups” that it uses to give hungry children a regular school meal of porridge, rice or beans. US$15 would feed 10 children for a week.

Among the nutritional support to find its way into those “red cups” are fortified blended foods (FBS) which are cereals mixed with other ingredients such as soya, beans, pulses, oil seeds and dried skimmed milk. They are fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Help fill that cup by clicking on the Fill the Cup badge on this blog. Won’t cost you a thing to fill that cup, just a few seconds to click the badge, rate the video and voila! – you have done your part.

Spread the word – Fill the Cup.


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