The Saturday Six – Sept. 19

Some general observations from over the past week since we last visited the Saturday Six:

1. Our federal government did not fall with the NDP and Bloc supporting the Tories this week, leaving the Liberals with their guns drawn and no dancing partner in their duel. No, it is not a coalition against the Liberals, it was a smart move to spare us another election and it is an example of minority government actually working, case by case, motion by motion.

2. You would think the Toronto Maple Leafs are either going to be a Stanley Cup contenders or a reincarnation of the Broadstreet Bullies based on sports coverage in this city. News flash, they will not fight their way into the playoffs and putting fringe players on pedestals during the preseason is irritating. There are other sports in this city and the Greater Toronto Area that deserve some kind of prime time coverage.

3. Toronto’s Africentric opened its doors this month and lets hope it really does put a dent in the reported 40 per cent drop out rate of black students in Toronto schools. The curriculum won’t hurt the greater good, only improve it.

4. Shock! Toronto will be paying $200 million MORE in future sick leave payouts, reports the Toronto Star. The figure was never $250 million as reported during the summer was $450 million, a computer glitch is blamed for the bad accounting and the city knew the correct figure all along. who is to blame for misleading us?  “A spokesperson for Mayor David Miller defended the lack of earlier disclosure, saying the city didn’t want to focus on just one aspect of the audited financial statements.”- reports the Star. – Just another reason why Miller has to go.

5. Michael Jordan’s hall of fame acceptance speech – yes, at times, it was in bad taste and not gracious but it was funnier than people want to let on or admit. It was not that bad and really, who cares, he is just a basketball player, worry about what your politicians feed you and say daily.

6. Next time you have time and are around Queen’s Park, take a closer at the wonderful old light rose coloured University Avenue building that is the playpen for our provincial politicians. It is a beautiful building with a degree of craftsmanship we rarely see nowadays in our public spaces.

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