The Saturday Six: Oct. 17/09

Today’s Saturday Six are six television series which On Deadline recommends if you are looking for something new to dive into on your spare time.

Finding a good series to wrap your imagination into is a wonderful find. The characters become your t.v. family and friends and you find yourself thinking what awaits them in their next episode. This is not a list of the “best” but merely a list of “can’t miss” entertainment, emotion and appreciation. Let us know what would be on your’s.

Here they are, your Saturday Six:

  • BATTLESTAR GALACTICA : Does not matter if you are sc-fi fan or not, On Deadline isn’t but this series is simply incredible, one episode to the next. The character development and premise of the last of humanity trying to find a new home is gripping. Faith, loyalty, family, tolerance and love are themes explored weekly. The breadth and brilliance of the performances delivered is quite impressive, not one character or episode is wasted.
  • DEAD LIKE ME: A short lived series which brilliantly reminds us to love those around us even though it is hard to do so sometimes. The fact you explore this lesson as you follow a team of grim reapers doling out death as if it were a game of tag was genius. Once you watch the series, find the full length movie released after the series was cancelled.
  • HOMICIDE: This series is “the standard” when it comes to television cop-show dramas. Based on the David Simon book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets– a great read by the way, watch Baltimore’s homicide unit tackle the underbelly of its city, using plot and character development techniques now merely imitated by current cop shows. Read the book first to gain a better appreciation of the series.
  • ROME: A short, two-season series, but about as cinematically beautiful as you will ever find. This series also goes beyond the aesthetic delivering an incredible “fly-on-the-wall” experience of the great empire. Even the greats of the past were prone to the same failings we still have now as people and a society.
  • SIX FEET UNDER: Dark, quirky, funny, frustrating and thought-provoking. From the very first episode this series shocks you into not letting go. Some of the finest performances you will ever see  on your television. Exploring the storms of love, family and death through a family that runs a funeral home was wonderfully unique. Ever character in this series is strong and creeps under your skin. Be prepared to be happy, sad and angry every episode.
  • THE WIRE: Another brilliant drama based in Baltimore and written by Homicide’s David Simon. This is not just a cop-drama, this series explores every facet of Baltimore, from its beat cops to the mayor’s chair and dockyards. How corruption begets corruption and the individual will and faith it takes to fight it impressively unfold before you. The brilliance of the show is that not a line of dialogue is wasted, nor are the series’ minor characters. Wonderfully cast and genius writing.

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