Trick or Treat: The Halloween Saturday Six

If this guys trick or treats at your!

Plan on curling up on the couch tonight or getting together with a group of friends, out of the cold and watching scary movies for Halloween?

Things that go bump in the night have been around us for generations and are not mere trends. Take a peek at the collection of horror movies at your local video store and you see the testament to the fascination with the occult and getting scared witless our society has.

Here are six of our favourite “scary movies” we recommend if you are looking for skin crawling shrieks and fun. What are your’s? :

  • 28 Days LaterThis post-pandemic zombie flick by Danny Boyle is beautifully shot and structured. A fun, intense romp through London and rural England after a rage virus is unleashed. The sequel 28 Weeks Later is not as creepy but good too.
  • The RingThe American remake of the Japanese hit Ringu (also great) is worth the time. Following the nasty video which delivers death and discovering the story behind this ghoul revenge flick is a lot of fun.
  • The ExorcistA classic horror flick about possession and if you do not know it or have not seen it, exactly what rock have you been living under and is Bin Laden there too?
  • The StrangersA simple loud bangs and jumps horror flick. Nothing complicated here, just bad things happening to a couple in a remote house. Lesson learned- avoid ending your relationship with your significant other out in the middle of nowhere.
  • Halloween(1978)John Carpenter’s Halloween and our introduction to psychotic Michael Myers is creepfest magnified. Haunting theme which can still make your skin scrawl, possibly the best slasher film of them all. Curl up tight and dim the lights for this one.
  • Night of the Living Dead (1968)This George Romero flick is possibly the greatest of them all when it comes to horror flicks. Consider the time it was made and the groundwork it created for all the horror films, especially zombie flicks, that have followed. Strong script and human drama and still has some spooks that have stood the test of the time, a masterful film.




2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat: The Halloween Saturday Six

  1. Poltergeist! A classic. Creepy, spooky. One of my faves!

    On the more recent front, The Descent. Creepy and suspenseful.

    Both movies don’t have any weird CG children, or random torturing of people. Just well scripted, well directed, good plots, that make them an enjoyable, bone chilling, movie watching exprience!

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