Are you “royally” interested in the Royal visit?

How much do our UK ties matter?

How royally interested are you in “The Royals”?

With Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, arriving in Canada this week the discussion has begun again about our ties to the monarchy and the Queen.

Confusion tends to reign among outsiders of all things Canuck when it comes to our connection with Merry Ole England and the monarchy. Some people think we are still ruled by Queen Elizabeth II, since she is still technically recognized as our head of state through her representative Michaelle Jean, the Governor General (GG).

Interestingly, though not elected, the GG does have a hammer it can swing, as we learned earlier this year.  When Prime Minister Stephen Harper wanted to prorogue the government to head off a hastily created and power hungry coalition by opposition parties he needed to consult the GG. Harper had to convince her that it was in the best interest of the country to have a time out called and she agreed, allowing it to happen.

A nation’s history is important, as are its traditions. The Americans are admirable in their patriotism, the British live and breathe their history to this day, Italians, Greeks and the Japanese revel in the contributions they have made to their world. Canada is still typically humble, unless it has to do with hockey or Tim Hortons.

For Canada, our formative European roots are spread mainly between France and Great Britain with England giving birth to Canada. A recent Angus Reid poll indicated that Canadians really do not care for the monarchy like they once did. In fact, the results were so bad that the current visiting royals will skip provinces like Manitoba and Alberta where response to their visit was incredibly low.

Forty-nine per cent of respondents in that recent poll supported the reopening of the constitutional debate on possibly replacing the GG with an elected head of state. Opening the debate is one thing, but a massive unanimous consent is needed in the House of Commons, the Senate and all the provinces to make any type of change concerning the GG and the monarchy in Canada, report Royal Watcher insiders.

What do you think? Has Canada grown up enough to officially break off the current ties we have, no matter how symbolic they simply are. Does this homecoming really matter? Are you a Royal Watcher excited like a kid on Christmas Eve?


2 thoughts on “Are you “royally” interested in the Royal visit?

  1. Ashleigh

    I heard about this yesterday, and Camilla is not a person of particular interest to me for a number of reasons I could also care less to discuss. Charles I might smile and wave casually at if his horse-drawn carriage brought him through the finer places of Northumberland. Royalty doesn’t interest me. The castles, money and jewellery however do.

  2. I adore pomp and circumstance, but there isn’t much of that with these royals anymore. I think most of the excitement of Royal Watching went away years ago- with Fergie and Diana. For the most part, they are now old and stuffy and try to act/look like “regular folk”. I picture royals dripping in jewels and wearing white gloves, riding in carriages…sigh….

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