Cat City doc, a message for all of us

Rocky, a very handsome cat but not all cats are as lucky as him to be in a loving and caring home.

Look deep enough into Toronto’s alleyways or its quiet industrial and public areas and you will see them, feral cats fending for themselves and forgotten by so many.

“On any given night in Toronto it is estimated that over 100,000 lost, abandoned and feral cats roam the city streets,” report the makers of Cat City, a film about Canadian cat overpopulation. “Never spayed or neutered these cats produce thousands of offspring adding to the burgeoning number of homeless pets.”

If you own a cat, know someone who owns a cat, or are thinking of getting one or someone else who might want to, watch Cat City or at least the trailer included in this post.

Toronto has plenty of big city problems, drug abuse, homelessness, crumbling infrastructure, gridlock and violence. The overpopulation of cats in our fair city does not rank higher than those issues of concern but it is a concern and should be an issue we keep in mind.

‘There are over 400,000 animals put down in shelters across Canada yearly, two-thirds of them are cats.’- Cat City

How we treat our pets, our domesticated animals, whether cat or dog, is truly telling of who we are. These animals end up on our streets not through natural means. They have to fend for themselves or die and this cruelty falls on our shoulders.

These pets are the discarded. The forgotten. The abused. The ignored. They are creatures domesticated over centuries by humans, reducing their natural instincts to varying degrees so they can be in our homes, in our families. There is an armada of groups and individuals taking care of these street animals selflessly but we all need to do more.

“We have a responsibility to care, if not for them then at least about them,”- On Deadline

Simply put, spay and neuter your pets. Cost effective city programs need to be rolled out in this area. Until that is a reality, get it done anyway, be a responsible owner or encourage it as a common practice with others.

Also, consider adopting pets from the Toronto Humane Society or places like the Toronto Cat Rescue or the Annex Cat Rescue.


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