The Saturday Six – Dec. 19, 2009

Today’s Saturday Six is all climate change related in light of the recent climate change talks in Copenhagen.

Was what will become known as the Copenhagen Accord enough to actually make change? Will it be simply regarded as window dressing if never binding? Or, as some would argue, is it  pointless since there really is no manmade climate change underway anyway? That is all up to you decide dear readers.

1.  The COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference

The conference website which delivers the hard facts and news from the conference where you can build your opinions upon.

2. A very brief rundown of the “Copenhagen Accord” via the Toronto Star.

How one of Toronto’s crusading daily papers reports on the deal.

3. How Britain’s Guardian paper broke down the Copenhagen talks and delivered crucial information to its readers.

A great newspaper website to draw information from- Guardian readers were well equipped to make up their own minds.

4. Breathing Earth

A fun and interesting real time simulation of our breathing planet.

5. David Suzuki Foundation

Here is how the revered David Suzuki Foundation looks at climate change skeptics.

6. Climate Crisis

A solid home base to start exploring climate change and Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth etc.


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