Red Snow, a Michael Slade gold medal thriller

The suspense and action builds in Red Snow, Michael Slade’s 2010 Winter Olympics crime thriller, like a Super G skier careening down an Olympic ski run.

As master villain Mephisto’s sadistic plan unfolds in Whistler readers can almost feel the villainous cold intentions creep in thanks to Slade’s detailed writing.

Red Snow is a gripping read because as Mephisto’s plan targets his arch nemesis, the members of Special X– the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s super sleuth hunters of psychotic killers, it happens lockstep with the ultimate goal of turning the world on its head with the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics around the corner.

Tasked with not only making the winter Olympics safe but also to stop Mephisto, before dead bodies stack up higher than the roadside snow banks of British Columbia’s deep interior, is Robert DeClercq, RCMP Chief Superintendent. In facing his old foe DeClercq will be challenged not just tactically but personally to ensure Mephisto is stopped.

As the hunters become the hunted and the noose of Mephisto’s plan begins to tighten around the idyllic Whistler backdrop, even first-time crime thriller readers will find Red Snow a fast-paced suspenseful read. Make no mistake; though the book’s backdrop is one of Canada’s jewel winter getaways, Slade manages to brilliantly thread historical accounts, such as those of explorers in lush South American rainforests, to bring further context to Mephisto’s mind and a trip into his heart of darkness.

Author Michael Slade takes you into the dark shadows of a villain's mind.

Among the eeriest aspects of Red Snow are Slade’s descriptions of the security challenges facing an Olympics stretched out over hundreds of kilometres in British Columbia, from Vancouver to B.C.’s North Shore mountains to Whistler itself. With the world’s winter Olympic community soon to arrive in B.C. readers get a better picture of the mountainous security shield that is required.

Red Snow is as much a classic good versus evil bloodletting as it is a blow-by-blow boxing match between how far a twisted mind will go to exact revenge, while striking at the world and how deep resourceful good people can reach under dire circumstances against the clock.


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