The Biggest Perogie – Stephen Harper

Canada’s prime minister has made a joke of our country’s parliamentary process and I hope some of you are taking the time to notice.

If the drabness of everyday politics bores you think of Parliament Hill as the setting for a new dynamic reality show called The Biggest Perogie. Which Canadian politician demonstrates the incredible combination of contempt for democracy and is capable of shooting themselves in the foot upon command…drum roll please…your winner- Stephen Harper.

In this space when Parliament was last prorogued we supported it. We were not happy with the pathetic ploy of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois to seize power. We did not think the flux that move would have created would have benefited our country as we headed into a dark recession. Harper requested the pause button be hit and we supported it. However, this time around, Harper is abusing Parliament and democracy. How he convinced Governor General Michelle Jean to sign off on this is beyond me.

There is no need to have to shut down the House of Commons to”recalibrate” government and refocus it. What a crock. Harper is trying to save his hide and protect his government from scrutiny. While Canada was getting hammered on its environmental footprint and plans and as we headed into our holidays, he chose to prorogue the government. There is simply no other way to read the situation. He wants to hide.

We are in a Catch-22 as voters in this country. We do not like Harper and the Conservatives enough to give them a majority government but we did re-elect them regardless. Was it because it was a lack of options? Yes, the thought of Stephane Dion as PM during the recession is stomach turning. Jack Layton and his NDP banter seems to have lost its way and the Green Party..well they are green.

The saddest thought is that the party leader in our last election who was the most stately and capable to run our country was Gilles Duceppe. That is how bad it is for us, the leader of a separatist party has the best leader pedigree.

We do not want another election but our opposition party leaders need to galvanize the populus and build their credibility. They need to so we can have better choices come next election and vote The Biggest Perogie off of Parliament Hill.

One thought on “The Biggest Perogie – Stephen Harper

  1. Grant

    Since becoming Prime Minister of this country, Stephen Harper has consistently lived down to my expectations of him. This latest outrageous manoeuvre of his is another fine example of just how petulant, petty, immature, and insecure he is. Not to be harsh, but in my humble opinion, he’s nothing more than an uppity, talent-weak prima uomo who runs scared whenever anyone dares to critique his performance or the performances of his backup singers. Good grief, if the guy withers so easily under the glare and heat of the political spotlight, he should perhaps get off the stage and find another line of work. Governor General Michaëlle Jean should do likewise. When Harper phoned Her Excellency, as he would an old school chum, whining and crying that his opponents were again picking on him, she buckled like a house of cards in a windstorm, barely blinking an eye as she gave in to his demand to yet again shut down Parliament because HE was afraid of losing HIS job. That this spineless duo is involved in the running – or not running, as is now the case – of Canada’s government should truly disturb all Canadians. It’s mind boggling that any government can be put in limbo for several weeks simply because one of its employees is unable, unwilling, or too gutless to perform his or her duties.

    The other actors eager to take on the role of Prime Minister have yet to prove themselves sparkling, let alone competent and assured performers. As troubling as it was that a majority of Canadians didn’t even bother to vote in the last Federal election, perhaps much of that apathy can be attributed to the lack of workable options being offered. As you say, Vince, we don’t want another election, especially now. But by the time it does come, all we can do is hope that at least one of the candidates for the office of Prime Minister will finally exhibit an ability to lead, AND a willingness to put the needs of this country far above his or her own personal whims, insecurities, and fears. Stephen Harper’s act has long grown extremely predictable and stale, and how I look forward to the day when he takes his final bow as PM. For those who are displeased with him and his antics, I trust they’ll care enough to vote in the next election to register their displeasure. Should they not care, they’ll get more of the same from a guy who selfishly only cares about himself and his party. Needless to say, next to Michaëlle Jean, public apathy has proven to be Mr. Harper’s best and dearest friend.

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