Dear Haiti donations skeptic, ante up or shut up

These are the people of Haiti who need your help. (

There is a fine line between wanting to know where your money will go, when you give to any charity or relief efforts like those underway in Haiti, and just being a lazy, contrarian, pain-in-the-ass.

As more corporations, companies and organizations begin to ramp up donation collection efforts, whether through texting to a number on your cell phone, to donating online or via phone, the skeptics are starting to come out of the woodwork.

Ask questions, be inquisitive with a person who takes your donation but don’t be “that guy” in the bus or at work who thinks corruption will eat your dollars away.

If you are that worried that your donation will not actually land on the ground in Haiti and help someone, get your sorry butt on a plane, head to Haiti and get to work helping the Haitians and international community helping out there.

Realize that a text donation goes on your bill, once that bill is paid, your carrier will then send those funds to Haitian relief efforts. We are talking about the reconstruction of a major city and a country, so the funds are not just needed for now but six months down the line to years from now.

There were an estimated 400,000 orphans in Haiti BEFORE the quake, imagine how many there are now. We, and I mean WE, the global community, need to help our Haitian brothers and sisters care for them, these children without families are now our responsibility too, from Canada and the United States to China and Australia.

There are mass graves. Doctors conducting emergency operations in open fields. There are still the living under the rubble yet to be found. There are people dying from a lack of water and food. There is a lack of security.

Simply put, there are families and people who need help. Don’t cop-out or be lazy and decide not to donate money because of some so-called fears of corruption in charities.

Donate to a reputable organization. Donate to a number or website associated to a telethon, check Canada For Haiti or Hope for Haiti Now.

Lastly, if you wish to not donate, do so with some grace, keep it to yourself and leave those who wish to do so alone.

Just hope, that if a massive catastrophe ever strikes you or your family that there will not be donation skeptics stepping up to belittle any help that you may need.


One thought on “Dear Haiti donations skeptic, ante up or shut up

  1. Vince, I agree.
    A) donate
    B) If you are donating, do it with some grace
    C) And for skeptics, afterall there are some scammers out there trying to profit off the Haiti tragedy, I suggest people give to reputable organizations with years of experience and credibility such as Red Cross, Unicef, Doctors Without Borders on and so forth.
    D) If people don’t want to give, don’t begrudge those who do and above all don’t take it out on the suffering people in Haiti. Obviously they deserve some support and for those who can afford it – a few dollars is the least we can do.

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