We’ve hit two years – Happy Birthday On Deadline!

On Deadline celebrates its 2nd birthday today.

Two years and almost 200 posts later and we are still kicking.

This blog started on a whim two years ago today and was strictly meant to give me an “online presence”… little did I know it would become not just an obsession some days but also something I hate on others.

The push and pull of creating not just anything for the blog but something of quality has been an interesting exercise. I never wanted it to be an asinine collection of links and videos nor just a place where I rant. My ultimate goal from post to post is to give a reader some sober second thought on a subject or get them motivated to make a positive change. Sometimes I succeeded, sometimes I failed but the posts, readers and views kept coming.

Over the last year The Good Revolution found us worthy enough to be contributors to them  and the fundraising efforts we supported, from Two Write Love On Her Arms to the World Food Programme, proved to me the quality of you, the On Deadline readers. You are all worth whatever menial struggle I have to overcome to click away at the keyboard.

My thanks to you for ensuring this blog and my efforts are worthwhile.

On Deadline readers you simply rock.

Vince Versace


1. My blog post about the frustrations in trying to find the Terry Fox Memorial in St. John’s, NFLD and my eventual disappointment in what I found was the most popular over the last year here at On Deadline. Though it was penned this past October it has screamed up to the top on the most viewed and referral charts. Feels good to know that a personal hero of mine is so popular and that others found the memorial not worthy of this amazing Canadian.

2. Sex does sell and it does equal visits to your blog. My sexy Canadian politicians post from last year still brings eye balls trolling for sexy pictures of sexy politicians. What disappointment these folks must have felt when they found G-rated photos of some attractive Canadian politicians and then nothing else.

  • This year I introduced a category called Writer Talk where I looked at the craft of writing, the joys of reading and all the frustrations that came with them. My post called Pushing an Elephant Up A Mountain was my favourite. Judging by the discussions, responses and messages from other fellow writers, hacks and wordsmiths, it struck a chord. My other two favourites were about my last, late night walk in Tokyo and Amanda Lindhout being freed.


These following three terms brought the most people to On Deadline: terry fox, ruby dhalla, voodoo.

Thanks again and on to Year Three!



4 thoughts on “We’ve hit two years – Happy Birthday On Deadline!

  1. Patrick McConnell

    Hey vince
    happy birthday! what you set out do with your blog has been successful. Congrats! I too really liked the Pushing the Elephant and the Last Night in Tokyo entries. Very good reads. And the Terry Fox memorial, i was ashamed when i too ‘found’ it at last.
    Keep up the writing, and i will try to keep up with the reading

  2. Grant

    Happy Birthday On Deadline! And many thanks to you, Vince, for giving it life, for sharing your thoughts and writing talent that so exemplify your humanity, caring, and sense of humour about the world around us. You said of your blog that you wanted to create “something of quality.” Well, that you’ve done – almost 200 times to date. Congratulations and warmest thanks again, Mr. Versace, for 2 years of excellent posts. May year 3 of On Deadline be as satisfying to you as it will be for your readers.

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