Three for the Road Feb. 5, 2010

Here we go, Three for The Road- three stories, issues or events to think about heading into the weekend:


Jane Taber over at the Globe and Mail has an interesting piece in her Ottawa Notebook about recent EKOS poll numbers. Pollster Frank Graves indicates to her that Canadians appetite for a Liberal-NDP coalition is more accepting now than it was in late 2008 when we were faced with the three-headed hydra power grab by the Liberals, NDP and Bloc so soon after another federal election we were subjected to.

A coalition which would result in Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff as prime minister is much more palatable than seeing Stephan Dion as PM, it says here.

Is a Liberal-NDP coalition more acceptable now?


Toronto’s next mayoral race has some interesting contenders but there really is only one stud candidate- George Smitherman. Familiar City Hall faces such as Joe Pantalone and George Mammoliti are there as well among a slate of 24 registered candidates.

The one candidate I wish had waited another four years before running is Adam Giambrone. He is ambitious and smart but needs another four years to add to his resumé so he can really be a solid candidate. In four years he could showcase a series of accomplishments with the TTC that have begun under his watch as TTC chair.

Who do you like?

SUPERBOWL XLIV (that is # 44)

Sunday is the big day and what a match up for Super Bowl XLIV, the Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints. Two high-powered offences with defences that do just enough to help their teams wins. At one point this season both these teams were undefeated for long stretches and flirted with undefeated seasons.

Who’s going to win? With the Colts you have quarterback Peyton Manning who is in the middle of hall of fame career and becoming one of the all-time great QBs in league history. With the Saints you have gunslinger Drew Brees at QB at the helm of the league’s most potent offence.

Manning is at his peak skill-wise and will march his Colts to victory. If the Saints defence could barely contain Brett Favre in the NCF final, they cannot stop Manning.

My heart says the Saints though- New Orleans which is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina needs a boost whichever they can get it, so…………….. Let’s Go Saints!

Who’s your pick for Super Bowl glory?

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