‘Textgate’ sinks Giambrone

Giambrone's 'Textress', left, and Giambrone with partner Sarah McQuarrie, the true victim in 'Textgate'. photos Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star

Dear Adam Giambrone:

Did you actually think you could get away with it?

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and never cheat with anyone who has less to lose than you are adages many an older man has passed on to a younger one, obviously, even as catchphrases, these two phrases have never touched your ears.

Thanks to the explosion of  ‘Textgate’ you have stepped down from the mayoral race and that was the right move. In the end, we never really thought you should have entered this race. You are bright. A quick study. Your youth has the possibility to connect and motivate young voters in the city to be engaged in the municipal world around them, which is also bonus. Also, despite your poor judgment in thinking you could get away with having multiple girlfriends, as a public figure no less, you are still one of Toronto’s most promising councillors at city hall.

But really Adam, telling your ‘textress’ that your current live-in partner and girlfriend was there for political reasons was cold and awful. Also, expecting this 20-year-old to accept that was a bit rich on your part.

As most people who get caught in the quandary you are in, you were blinded not just by your power as a public figure but also with the power emanating from getting away with it as you did for a year.

Honestly, did you think you could sweet talk your ‘textress’ into still being friends and possibly a little non-political nookie on the side? She is no victim in this, let’s make that clear. She does not come up smelling like roses at all. Hope all her vindictive spite was worth it for her.

Four years for now is your time. Four more years of getting city hall meat on your political bones is what you need. Imagine the success you might be able to trumpet with the TTC in four years with Transit City hopefully still unfolding as planned.

Ignore the calls to step down as TTC chair. What ails the TTC has nothing to do with you or your judgment. That system is funded at the tune of 80 per cent through the fare box and is the lone major public transit system on the continent that is not properly subsidized by a federal government.

Let “Furious George” Smitherman call for your head and stand up to him. Use this call by him as fodder to go after him four years from now because, chances are, he will win the upcoming municipal election. Spin his call for your head as a “kicking you while you were down” moment and rise above it.

Now, as a humbled young man, you will get your chance to refocus and work even harder for your constituents if re-elected and really drive home how qualified you are four years from now to possibly be mayor.

We know you are sorry and really, this is not the end of the world, just the end of your mayoral campaign…for now.


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