The Saturday Six – 2010 Winter Olympics edition

Quatchi, Sumi and Miga zoom to the opening ceremony. courtesy © VANOC/COVAN

Canada was on show for the world with the opening ceremony of Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics last night and what a first day of opposites.

The tragic death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili earlier in the day, during a training run, left the games having to react and recognize a sombre event despite the planned festivities. Kudos to organizers and the speeches by John Furlong, VANOC CEO and Jacques Rogge, IOC president, recognizing the young man’s death and reminding the athletes that they should pursue not just their dreams but those of Nodar.

Here we go, a review of the opening ceremony for your Saturday Six:


Did anyone else think Wayne Gretzky was about to go ass-over-tea-kettle while riding on the back of that pickup truck? The Great One had to find his old razor-sharp reflexes again every time that truck made a turn or braked in the rain as he held on to the flame.

One flame short- how in the world do the hydraulics fail when it is “show time”? May be show organizers spent too much time on the Peter Pan segment of the show and not enough time on the most important part- the flame. I guess,  if something can go wrong, it will sometimes.


Bar none, the Italian Olympic team. Sharp winter coats with great collars. They never disappoint no matter which games.

Canada gets silver in this category. Our athletes looked awesome and very Canadian. Love our jackets and scarves but they fell short in style to the Italians.


The crazy coloured pyjama-like pants of the Azerbaijan and Czech Republic teams. Not sure if they were all just planning to attend a big slumber party in BCE Place when all was said-and-done..but one word – wow.

Silver medal goes to the Bermuda shorts of the Bermuda team.


Gold medal goes to the beautiful hat worn by the Kazakhstan flag bearer. It kind of reminded of an ornate gravy boat but it sure was unique and stood out.


When the lone athlete from Ghana strode in all proud and smiling you could not help but smile. When the commentators called him by his nickname, “The Snow Leopard” from had to chuckle.


As the Swedish athletes in their IKEA-yellow jackets rolled into the stadium I could not help but think, “Do those jackets come with an allen key?”


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