Well done Canada!

A truly incredible Olympics not only for our Canadian Olympians but for our nation as well, well done Canada, we are truly golden.

From Sidney Crosby ripping home the overtime gold medal winner to Melissa Hollingsworth’s tear filled apology to the nation for falling short, our athletes did us proud.

Joannie Rochette stole our hearts as she dealt with the death of her mother days before she was to begin competing. She carried our flag into the closing ceremonies – a deserving choice. Clara Hughes, one of our greatest Olympians ever, carried our flag in the opening ceremonies and she nailed down a bronze in her last games and beamed her golden smile the whole time.

Alex Bilodeau became the  answer to the future Canadian trivia game question: who was the first Canadian to win a gold medal on home soil? His inspiring story of his relationship with his brother stricken with cerebral palsy moved many- both are a golden champions.

The story lines were there for everyone to read and follow, thanks to one of the most “connected” games ever with live internet streaming, text alerts and wonderful coverage thanks to the Canadian consortium of broadcasters.

Our Own The Podium program paid off even before we won our hockey golds or ended up with the top gold medal total (14) by any host nation or nation period. We had never won gold on home soil before in two Olympic games, once we did that, we were winners already. Sure the program’s name needs changing but we did end up owning the podium and painting it gold.

How many times have I used the word “golden” or “gold” in this piece, may be too much…or may be not enough. Hopefully, when the glow of these Olympics passes with time and the names of our wonderful medal winners fade there will be one lesson that remains with all of us- this country we call home, this country we should love and be grateful for, from the scenic oceanside coves in the Maritimes to the lips of Tofino’s beaches which kiss the Pacific Ocean, has always been golden.

O’ Canada. O’ Canada indeed.


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