The Saturday Six: May 15/2010

A fishing boat heads out of St. John's harbour in Newfoundland, fall 2009. PHOTO BY: VINCE VERSACE

THE SATURDAY SIX PHOTO: A photo from the Versace Vistas archive. Whenever I think of St. John’s I think of one brilliant sunny afternoon last fall. The weather had cleared and I got to see the harbour come to life, dock workers smoked with their Tim Hortons in hand, fishing boats prepared to head out to the Atlantic, cruise ships began to load and the breeze off the harbour was invigorating underneath the beaming sun.


  • The Canadiens are Canada’s team: Despite what Toronto Maple Leafs fans deny, the Montreal Canadiens are Canada’s team in this year’s NHL playoffs. Whenever there is one remaining Canadian team in the playoffs- it becomes Canada’s team- its lone shot at bringing the cup north of the border. The Canadiens have played with incredible poise, grit and heart all Canadian characteristics and their goaltender Jaroslav Halak has been unbelievable.

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