G20 Notebook: Saturday, June 26 (My Toronto)



I love this city.

Toronto is my hometown and notice I use the term “hometown” not city. I have travelled extensively and seen some of the best global cities this world has to offer but “Muddy York”, “Toronto the Good”, the “T-dot”, will always be my favourite and always will be my home, whether I live here or not.

Whenever I fly into Pearson and see the 401 or downtown below me I always quietly say “hello home”.

After a day of watching, hearing and feeling the mayhem which erupted on my hometown’s streets I’m left angered, hurt and spent.  Thanks to today’s G20 summit there was a peaceful protest delivered and riot cops armed to the teeth proudly being professional. Two very opposite images but two very vibrant examples of what makes Toronto so awesome.

However, the hooligans, thugs, wannabe anarchists and cowards who defaced, defiled and sullied my hometown, My Toronto, can simply go to hell. This city is better than you will ever be. You speak nor stand for any legitimate issue or argument against the G20. What you unleashed today on Toronto’s streets was not anarchy but terrorism.

Cop cars set ablaze. Storefronts greedily smashed. The cowards change from their black garbs hoping to return again. This city is not yours to take nor disrupt. Police forces will not allow it, nor will Toronto citizens.

I was a few feet away from some protestor versus police head-to-head meetings and let me tell you, the poise, professionalism and patience of the summit’s security detail are to be commended.

The vulgarities thrown at these officers, let alone the trash and some were even spat on, simply astounded me. “Is this happening?”  I kept thinking every time I saw such actions.

Random acts of violence thinly veiled behind legitimate demonstration slogans and epithets. I am sure a majority of these pick-axe wielding, rock throwing imbeciles would not know what the G20 was …or could even list three of the con or pro issues about it, even if they fell on their heads.

Today my hometown changed. Today you debased a great city. However, as I wind this blog post down, with heavy eyes and heart, I find comfort in the views and thoughts of fellow Torontonians, both journalists and citizenry, who were as appalled and disheartened as I was.

This city is not yours to take because it is greater than you can carry.

This city is not for you because though it is good, the likes of you have no place in it.

This is my hometown, from the riot cop to the peaceful protestor who calls it home.

Toronto…United…Will Never Be Defeated.

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