The Saturday Six: July 17, 2010

Windsor's lady in the water. A late smoggy late fall sunset last year provided the creamy hue for this shot. PHOTO BY: VINCE VERSACE


As I walked along the Detroit River’s banks, on the Windsor side, last fall, I discovered some amazing and unique art installations scattered in an area called Odette Riverside Park. The bronze statue in this photo is called Anne and it was created by Leo Mol. The sense of serenity in that park, as the creamy sunset unfurled itself, was quite the treat.

Now that you are serene, here we go to your Saturday Six:

The BP oil spill…how big is it?: So BP has managed to put a cap on its gushing oil mistake in the Gulf of Mexico which started back on April 20. Want to know how big that spill is in the context of where you live? After clicking here you’ll get a better sense for this environmental catastrophe.

D’oh! “Antennagate”- Apple doesn’t understand social media?: So Apple is getting lambasted and skewered for some antenna problems with its iPhone 4. From the Catholic church to Barack Obama, when you are deemed the biggest, the best or the baddest institution or personality, the knives will always come out at your missteps, whether small or large. It’s a phone folks, it needs a tweak or two, big deal. However, this argument that Apple does not understand social media is interesting, not sure I agree with it though.

Look up, wayyyyyy UP, say hi and wave!: The Secure World Foundation recently presented its concerns at the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space. Yes, outer space has an earthly committee so we do not screw that up too via orbital debris, planetary defense and space sustainability. Among the junk floating above you right now are people too!

LeBron and Miamigate: The mess LeBron James made of leaving his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat leaves you wondering if he’s been living too high above the rim. No one can begrudge him wanting to win but producing a one hour show, called “The Decision” to stick it to his hometown fans by telling them he’s going to Miami, on television, was tasteless. Let the spoofs of his show begin as well.

“Web Fads”- do you miss…: Hot or Not? Dancing Baby? Ellen Feiss? Some web fads ring a clear bell, others, a dull knock, do you remember any of these web fads?

Now that is a ROAD!!! : Want to see how much of a hot-shot driver you really are? Think some road layouts are ridiculous in your city…do they compare to these?


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