The Saturday Six: November 20, 2010

Our first prime minister takes a break on a downtown Charlottetown bench where many a thing is Anne of Green Gables, such as the store he is looking back at. PHOTO: VINCE VERSACE

Here are some random items to start your weekend. Here are your Saturday Six:

GOODBYE PAT : Pat Burns, former coach of the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs and New Jersey Devils, where he won a Stanley Cup, has passed away from cancer. A true sports leader of men, his style and honesty was refreshing. The timing of his passing is hard to ignore, he left this life the night before his two beloved teams, the Habs and Leafs, square off in Montreal tonight.

WARTORN 1861-2010: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has ravaged thousands of soldiers during and after their tours of duty worldwide. This doc was incredibly insightful into the cross many a government leaves brave soldiers to carry once they return home. The doc’s focus is on American soldiers but remember, PTSD knows no borders and is something Canadian soldiers are also afflicted with, learn how it impacts their families and lives.

BABY HEARS MOTHER’S VOICE: About as poignant a video as you can get. Watch as an eight month old baby hears his mother’s voice for the first time thanks to a cochlear implant.

WHAT’S THE RUSH? : First the disclaimer, I am not a Rush fan. I have always appreciated their music and contribution to rock and like a handful of their songs. However, if you watch Rush:Beyond The Lighted Stage, that could change. This doc definitely paints a clearer picture about this iconic Canadian band that has remained cool by not trying to be and creating some progressive music along the way.

AGGRESSIVE PAT-DOWN AT AIRPORT: Heightened security at airports always draws long lines and headlines. However, asking a cancer survivor to remove her prosthetic breast just seems wrong.

A BLACK HOLE IS BORN: NASA recently announced the birth date of a black hole. The first flash of it was noticed 30 years ago by an amateur astronomer and the rest is now reality….

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