2010: Crosby’s golden goal to Obama’s shellacking

An angel heralds in a new year from its Mt. Carmel cemetery perch in PEI. One of my favourite photos I shot in 2010. PHOTO:Vince Versace

Hard to believe 2010 has passed us by so quickly. One day you are planning a summer cottage getaway the next you are jostling with last minute Christmas shoppers, trying to run the Lombardi power sweep to get out of the mall.

There were highlights and lowlights all around us to either jump and cheer about or simply stand there and scratch our heads over. When all else failed, we simply Tweeted about it to say we did.

Here in no particular order of magnitude, are some of our highs and lows of the year…what were yours?

Sports Highlight of the Year

Sidney Crosby’s gold medal winning gold in overtime at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Yes, Canada won its first-ever winter gold at a game it hosted. Yes, we had gripping stories like Joannie Rochette’s skate just after her mom passed away but, in the end, all that matters to us puckhead Canadians was winning that darn men’s hockey gold…we demolished the Russians along the way and squeaked by a plucky American team in the final..imagine how we would look back at the Olympics if we hadn’t won that hockey gold…1998 Nagano anyone?

Crosby nets the gold medal overtime winner.

Sports Lowlight of the Year

Lebron James stabbing Cleveland in the heart and back on live television in announcing his decision to go to the Miami Heat. It was cold, calculated, drawn out and in poor taste. Why skewer a fan base that adored you…especially your home state fans. But, according to Lebron, he is from Akron, so it does not really matter what Cleveland fans think anyway.

Political Highlight of the Year

The mayoral races and eventual wins of Rob Ford in Toronto and Naheed Nenshi in Calgary. We are not saying we would have voted for either but each of these men ran campaigns that connected with their respective electorates and got people voting…or angry…but voting nonetheless, some in anger.

Ford promised to stop Toronto's gravy train enroute to his victory.

Nenshi’s win makes him Canada’s first Muslim mayor. Yes, a visible minority becoming mayor in a traditionally considered “white” Anglo city (hey, I did not say redneck as others might). Then, Ford, with all his criminal charges, verbal transgressions and fiery temper wins Toronto’s mayoral seat. No one considered him a threat but he was the only candidate who kept to one simple message, stopping “the gravy train” which taxpayers took hook, line and sinker.

Political Lowlight of the Year

American President Barack Obama and his Democrats getting a “shellacked” in the United States mid-term elections. The Tea Party movement rose to new heights pushing its conservative agenda which even some Republicans cannot swallow. Pretty much since the day after Obama got elected Republicans began hammering away and campaigning for the mid-terms. A floundering economy, misplayed by Obama, proved to be his Achilles Heel. Also, the amazing ability of moderates and the general electorate to place so much at his feet as it concerns the economy, when it was nowhere near his own doing, is amazing to behold.

President Obama after the mid-term shellacking.

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