The waterbug and the god stick



Record the French satellite radio station.

How about we record The Guardian Weekly news program.

Now let’s record the Alaska State Troopers television show.

These are the travels my 11-month old son takes with the god stick (TV remote) in his hands. Needless to say, he has some eclectic tastes.

Every parent goes through it, hundreds upon hundreds dollars-worth of learning toys and general noise makers and my son loves…the god stick and our red broom and dust pan.

We are a couple of weeks away from the little guy celebrating his first birthday. His first Christmas is now under his belt and I am amazed how different things are now compared to a year ago. We were nervous and apprehensive with our “go bag” at the ready last year as we awaited “go time” in order to meet our little man for the first time.

I was clearing snow and salting the ice religiously from our veranda, front steps and driveway to ensure a safe dash to the car, if need be, once it was time to head to the hospital. I salted as if I was prepping the family’s secret sausages for the next barbecue season, I am surprised a year later that our driveway and front steps do not look like the surface of the moon.

Now, I cannot wait for some major snow so I can take the little man out in his sled he got for Christmas or for him to sit in the snow with his snowsuit. Whenever he has been in our backyard he giggles, smiles and has his “wonderment” face on. Last month, when three flocks of geese flew by overhead, he at first was startled and then was laughing as the flapping wings and honking V-formations cruised by like air cavalry wings headed into action.

Arbyreed/Flickr Creative Commons

His waterbugging ways have us on our toes, it was like a light when off one night, a couple of months ago, when I placed him on his hands and knees and I also got down on all fours above him. We started moving, one hand forward, then another, while shifting our knees. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, he was off to the races, as have his mom and I, ever since.

He can shoot up the middle of a flight stairs now, fearless, determined and roaring or laughing along the way (I sometime imagine he is yodeling like the Cliffhangers Game on the Price is Right).

Our family cat has now certainly noticed the difference too as we approach the one year mark. I pretend to know what he is thinking as he endures another uncoordinated lunge or grabbing of fur from the little man.

“Look here Kitty Litter Maintenance Guy and Food Machine Girl, that little being wasn’t a threat before, other than drawing your attention away from moi but now…get him under control. I rule the roost you know…”

The living room and kitchen chairs are now life-sized Tetris pieces for the little guy as he stands up, grabs them and pushes them along, as walkers, to help him get from Point A to Point B while upright. If you did not know any better you would think ghosts had shifted things about with all our chairs and the highchair askew but then you realize, the little waterbug got travelling…to get to the red broom and dust pan…or the god stick because he does not want to miss the latest shenanigans Alaskan state troopers are dealing with.



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