On Deadline & Vince Versace

My name is Vince Versace and I am an award winning journalist from Toronto, Canada, and now a once active but considerably less so blogger.

I have been lucky enough to report in daily-big city environments, suburban communities and daily trade newspapers over the last 20 years. My notepad has made stops at the Toronto Sun, Etobicoke Life, Northumberland News and Daily Commercial News.

I was once honoured by Suburban Newspapers of America and the American Press Institute as Journalist of the Year, a Canadian milestone for this distinction.
Reporting and photography awards, both national and provincial, for feature writing, breaking news coverage and photography have
found their way to my shelf over the years.

This blog is a hybrid of traditional journalistic standards, column writing and blogging. The aim is to provide thought-provoking and informative prose and, of course, the occasional chuckle.

Ultimately, I love to write and I love connecting with readers and people who have a story to tell.