Canada is off to the races…again!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has pulled the plug on his current minority government in Ottawa and how many Canadians actually care will be interesting to see.

For Canadians, the upcoming federal election on Oct. 14 will be an interesting test of “do you really care”. How many have actually paid attention the last 2.5 years as Harper managed a minority government to last when no one really thought it would? Have Canadians actually galvanized themselves around any issue or leader? Will they even glance at any local coverage with the bright lights of Obama vs. McCain glaring in from across the border?

If you are a political junkie, and a Canuck poli-junkie at that, you will have strong and informed opinions. However, for regular Joe and Jane Public, will they try and get informed about an election called a year before it was actually supposed to happen?

Here are some things to look for in this election:

1. Will the environment, health care, economy or Afghanistan become the number one issue on the minds of Canadian voters?

2. Can Stephane Dion, consistently ranking low in almost every “who is the best leader for Canada” poll gain any traction in the West, let alone his home province of Quebec?

3. Which of British Columbia, Ontario or Quebec can Harper make inroads in to help soldifiy his Conservative base and build towards a stronger minority government if elected again?

4. Will the Liberals register a heartbeat in Quebec where any anti-Conservative’s lone hope for stopping PC growth there is to rely on the Bloc Quebecois? Additional to this, can the Bloc respond and push back against past Conservative progress there?

 5. Can Jack Layton continue his push to be recognized as an opposition force and help score more NDP seats somewhere in Canada?

6. Will the Green Party manage to get one of their candidates elected? Will getting into the televised leader’s debate push them over the top into mainstream Canadian politics?

7. Can Elizabeth May, Green Party leader, actually knock off Defence Minister Peter MacKay in Central Nova Scotia? Considering the Liberals have chosen not to run a candidate in that riding, will it make a difference?

What will be the issue that catches your attention my fellow Canadian voters? Who is the best leader for this country? Which party speaks for you and why? Is there an interesting race in your riding- where is it and why is it so intriguing?

Our election may lack the glitz and glamour of the election south of the border but remember, the one that really hits you in your wallet is the one here on Oct. 14.


4 thoughts on “Canada is off to the races…again!

  1. blogoffanddie

    There isn’t much to vote for, but something to vote against. In my opinion, the Canadian government, under Stephen Harper, has become an even bigger second-banana, client state of the US.
    Harper is a bootlicking, suck-up when it comes to US foreign policy.

    I would never hit someone with a hockey stick, unless of course, we were playing hockey. Then I swing at anything that moves

  2. Grant

    In December 2005, Stephen Harper clearly stated in his election platform that his new Conservative government would table a motion to reopen the same-sex marriage debate. With that goal apparently being one of his top priorities, it was painfully obvious to most Canadians that Mr. Harper’s priorities were in total disarray. A year later, only when Parliament defeated a Conservative Party motion to have the same-sex marriage legislation annulled, did he drop his obsession. Of course, had the motion been approved, our government and courts would still be wrangling over the issue of same-sex marriage, all thanks to Stephen Harper and his questionable priorities.

    Hopefully, our next elected government will focus on the much more IMPORTANT issues that all Canadians are concerned about: job losses and the economy, health care, our troops tragically losing life and limb in Afghanistan – courtesy of Mr. Bush and HIS warped priorities – education, crime and punishment, renewable energy research and the environment. As of now, I’m unsure which party will get my vote in the upcoming election, but my local Conservative candidate better not be counting on it, since I’ve had my fill of “George Bush of the North” and his regressive, 19th century, right-wing agenda. As the previous commentator noted, “There isn’t much to vote for, but something to vote against,” and in this election with its less than engaging and forthright party leaders, it doesn’t seem to be a matter of voting for the party we like and trust the most, but rather voting for the party we dislike and distrust the least.

  3. Graham

    You missed one on your list: 8. Can the next leader keep us out of these wars? I have to admit, I am not a liberal, but I was proud of Paul Martin when he stood up to Bush and said NO, we will not go into Iraq and encourage this debacle!

  4. paul8bee

    I voted for harper last time, because of the budget. Did he fix it? We were so in debt that it would have taken our kids 50 years to pay it off. I don’t like harper and his American style military. I don’t like his “put them all in jail and make them pay” American style system either. I think he is on the wrong track, but who is the alternative? I just might go green this year. Just not enough data.

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